My name is Nathan and this is an approximation of what I look like. I work mostly on responsive web design/development projects, but have experience in more traditional graphic design and illustration as well. I am moving back home to Portland, OR and looking for a full time Front End Development/Design position. I’ve worked on a myriad of projects in the past half of a decade and want to find a place to grow and refine my skillset. If we’ve got a match, feel free to symbolically swipe right and get in contact.

all dev design non

Adobe Afficionado Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Stylesheet Ninja CSS3, Bootstrap, SCSS, Bourbon
Javascript Junior Vanilla JS, ES2015, jQuery, React
Front End Fanatic Sublime, Gulp, Jade, Node, Terminal
UI/UX/Prototype Sketch, Marvel, InVision
Visual Communicator Pen & Pencil Sketch, Cartoon
CMS Wordpress, Perch, Drupal, Squarespace
Sense of Humor Are you still reading, How thorough
Communication Slack, Trello, Concise, Direct
Teamwork Find solutions, not faults
Hip-Hop Extensive Knowledge and Opinions
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Do you really have a man bun?

I do, I know it makes me a bad person.

What are your three biggest flaws?

Care too much. Love too hard. And Caffeine.

Are you a good fit for us?

Probably. Do you make cool stuff and need a passionate addition? We should probably talk. Below is my contact info and a link to my work.

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